2018 – A Year in Review
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2018 – A Year in Review

The new year has just started. 2018 –  A Year in Review is a post in which I am going to have a look at the exciting experience of having my own web site and recapitulate this rather ambitious and at the same time very fulfilling project.

I officially launched MyForeverTravel on the 6th April 2018. It was the day when I moved from Belgrade to London, back in 1990. I published 26 posts last year, but 10 of them had been written before the web site was launched.

However, I really dedicated myself to this work as of September and in the last 4 months of 2018, I wrote 16 articles. The time and effort invested so far have actually been much more than I had originally imagined. Finding the inspiration to write posts that could be interesting for other people to read is the first and probably the most difficult step. I am aware that everything is already written about by many other people. However, I try to present the content that is subtly and sufficiently different, while at the same time personal and informative.

I tremendously enjoy this work and it’s very gratifying to see that people all over the world are visiting my web site. It is my personal diary but, at the same time, it is also at disposal of everyone who wants to read my posts.

It’s also time to have a look at the most successful posts that I created in 2018. WordPress, a website creation tool that I use, provides very detailed statistics regarding the number of views and visitors over specific time frames. As per information that is available to me, here is the list of the Top 10 posts on MyForeverTravel in 2018:





This post is about the beautiful Chinese garden in Suzhou. This garden is the biggest and the most important of all Suzhou gardens. It’s a magical place and it is deservedly a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Anyone going to Suzhou should visit this garden, it is an unforgettable experience.


The Humble Administrator's Garden 2018
Humble Administrator’s Garden – Suzhou





The White Temple, near Chiang Rai, is an art exhibit of outstanding beauty. This was the most beautiful site that I visited during my stay in Thailand. If you travel anywhere across northern Thailand, make sure that you visit this temple.


The White Temple Chiang Rai 2018
White Temple – Chiang Rai





This post is the only post from the older ones, written almost at the time when I started this web site, that made it in the Top 10. In this post, you can read about what I did when I was in Chiang Mai. There are also some useful tips and recommendations.


Enjoying Chiang Mai Thailand
Enjoying Chiang Mai





This is one of my most favourite posts, in which I wrote about places that I had visited in the past, long before I started this blog. I decided to mention some of them in one post, rather than to write about them separately, as it has mostly been a long time since I was there. Surely, if I ever go back to any of these places, I will dedicate a new post to those that I consider important to be included in this web site.


Keeping Sane Mind My Forever Travel 2018
Keeping Sane Mind





Wat Pho is a beautiful Buddhist Temple, located in the very heart of Bangkok, near the Grand Palace. It’s a magical place of worship, exquisitely built and adorned with numerous Buddha statues. If you are visiting the Grand Palace, make sure that you also visit this temple. It is only a short walk from the Palace.


Wat Pho Bangkok Thailand 2018
Wat Pho – Bangkok





Riccione –  a summer resort on the Italian Adriatic coast is a place where I have been many times and where I like to spend days on its beautiful, sandy beaches.


Riccione Italy 2018





It’s not necessary to say much about Madrid, which is one of my most favourite European cities. This post, although published in December, made it quite high in the list as one of the most visited posts last year.


Madrid Spain





The magical imperial palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties is in the heart of Beijing. It’s a place that captures with its beauty, magnificence and immensity. It is truly unforgettable!


Forbidden City Beijing
Forbidden City – Beijing





I am very glad that this post was so popular that it ended up so high in 2nd position. Accra is vibrant, colourful, exciting and immensely interesting. I am very happy that I visited the great Ghanaian capital.


Accra Ghana 2018





The most popular and most visited post in 2018 was about Rimini – a resort town on the Italian Adriatic coast, very close to Riccione. With its beautiful medieval historical centre and long sandy beaches, Rimini is a gem. If you happen to be anywhere in the area, make sure to visit Rimini.


Rimini Italy 2018


So, this is the list of the most popular posts that I published in 2018.

It will be interesting to see if any of them will feature in a 2019 review. I am sure that there will be many new and equally interesting posts that will compete for the Top 10 position.

I look forward to finding out at the end of this year!



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