What is Happening with My Coronavirus Immunity?
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What is Happening with My Coronavirus Immunity?

Ever since the start of the coronavirus epidemic, I’ve been asking myself whether there will be a long lasting coronavirus immunity. We are all living in a nightmare at the moment and we all want to go back to our normal lives.

Many people have been affected on many different levels: people who died, people who prematurely lost their loved ones to this infection, people who lost jobs and no longer have an income to support their existence, people who live in fear of infection and with related psychological traumas.

So, for the time being the news is good. As you will see from the evidence that I will present in this post, nine months after my illness, I still have coronavirus antibodies. But, will they last and for how much longer?

Let’s start with a quick recap of this year’s events.





By now, we all know that the epidemic started in China. We also know that the Chinese government supressed all information regarding the true seriousness of this new illness. Back in January, despite the fact that the epidemic had already spread throughout China, they allowed the Chinese people to freely travel for the Chinese New Year, both within China and abroad.

I fell ill in March 2020. At that time, the UK Conservative government propagated the heard immunity concept. Without any scientific evidence to support that line of thought and especially after they had already seen catastrophic events in China, they did nothing. It makes you think that they actually wanted people to get infected, while they had complete disregard for people that would die. For them, it was an acceptable collateral damage in order to save big corporations and the banking industry. But that’s the Tory party in the UK, they don’t care about ordinary people like me and you, they never really cared.

I wrote about my illness in the post “How I Survived the Coronavirus Infection”. You should read it, to see what happened to me and what may happen to you while you wait to be infected. Make no mistake, sooner or later almost everyone will get infected. It’s just a matter of time.





Having successfully battled the virus, I decided to go to Belgrade. One reason for my travel to Serbia was because I needed to do some dental work. The second more important reason was because I knew that the situation with the coronavirus in the UK would remain persistently bad. You can’t beat the virus with an incompetent government as it is in the UK at the moment.

Plus, after everything that had happened up to that point, I needed some change. You can read about that period in my life in the post “The Journey Continues – Life After the Coronavirus Epidemic”.

Once in Belgrade, I decided to do the coronavirus antibody test. The result would confirm whether or not I really had the coronavirus back in March and whether or not I was immune. Antibody tests became available in the UK more or less in June 2020, at an extortionate price of £ 200 per test. There was no way that I would pay that price. I think that no one should ever pay that price, because antibody tests are actually very cheap.





I arrived to Belgrade on the 10th July. At that time, the antibody testing had only also just started in Serbia. It took me a bit of a time to find a laboratory where I could do this test.

I did my first test on the 27th July 2020. That was approximately 4 months after my infection in March of this year.

As you can see in the photo below, the result was “reactive”, with a value of 11.83. Everything above 1 means that you have antibodies and it should also mean that you are immune.

Presence of just IgM antibodies indicates active infection. Presence of both IgM and IgG or just IgG antibodies means that there is no active infection, but you are protected. So, it’s the IgG antibodies that you need to have for the coronavirus immunity.

I was very happy with this result. It confirmed that I had suffered from coronavirus in March and it also confirmed that I was immune.

Life was beautiful again. I felt very relaxed and enjoyed the summer in Belgrade. I went to the Ada lake almost every day, also for long walks around the city in the evening. It was a beautiful summer, the first proper summer for me after many years. Summers in London, where I live, are hit and miss. Certainly, they are never proper summers like in Belgrade.


Coronavirus Immunity
Coronavirus Antibody Test Result





I knew that, after a period of time, I would have to do another antibody test because I needed to check the status and whether or not the coronavirus immunity persisted.

I read many articles on this topic, there was the same underlining message in almost all of them – that the antibodies don’t last for a long time. It’s a frightening thought.

So, I did my second test on the 2nd November. I received a result within 4 hours, you can see it in the photo below. According to that result, I no longer had antibodies. I was shocked. But, I also immediately noticed that the laboratory had used a different IHR method. When I arrived to the reception and while I was registering for the test, I did ask whether they would use the same method as the first time. They checked the previous result and confirmed that they would use exactly the same ECLIA method.

So, I sent them an e-mail asking whether a different method could produce a different result?


Coronavirus Immunty
Coronavirus Antibody Test Results





In reply to my e-mail, the laboratory called me back. They explained that there was indeed a difference between the two tests, the first one was more sensitive. In other words, the first test was capable of detecting the antibodies at a much lower level.

So, they arranged to repeat the test, with the same blood sample that they had already taken. You can see the result of the repeated test in the photo below. It shows that I still have antibodies, although at a lower level compared with the test that I did three months ago.

Regardless, it means that I am still immune which is, of course, very good news. I feel relaxed knowing that, should I come in contact with the virus again, my immune system would hopefully successfully fight it off.


Coronavirus Immunity
My Second Coronavirus Antibody Test





In conclusion, seven months after the illness, I still have the coronavirus antibodies. But, will they last and for how much longer? The only way to find out is to do another test in a couple of months.

That’s precisely what I will do. I’m also grateful that I can do these tests in Belgrade. The service is fast, reliable and cheap. The test costs approximately £ 16. As I mentioned, you have to pay £ 200 for this type of test in the UK.

Right now there is a new wave of epidemic in Europe. Most countries regularly report new daily records in the number of newly infected people. Hospitals are again getting full and it’s likely that there will be many more deaths. It’s all very sad, especially because it could’ve been prevented had the Chinese government acted honourably back in January, when it all started in Wuhan.

So, that’s all for now. I will come back to this subject in the future, when I test again.

Let’s hope that there will soon be an end to all this madness and that we will be able to resume our normal lives. I don’t really think that it’s too much to ask. In the meantime, keep safe and healthy.





I did my latest coronavirus antibody test on the 28th December. I went to the same laboratory and did exactly the same test, as per exactly the same method. That was approximately 9 months after my illness in March 2020. You can see the latest result in the photo below.

I now have more antibodies than the last time. You can imagine my surprise when I received this result. One expects the antibodies to decline over time and not to increase.

To find out what happened, I went back to the laboratory, where I spoke with one of the technicians.

I asked her whether there could’ve been a mistake in the calculation. She explained to me that the tests were run automatically and that it was impossible for the mistake to happen. It’s all done by a verified computer program.

She then said that what may have happened was that I was infected with the coronavirus again, but as I had already had the antibodies, I didn’t get ill. Rather, my immune system produced additional antibodies and cleared the virus without me noticing anything.

I don’t have a medical degree, so I don’t know whether this is what really happened. But if it’s true, it means that people with natural immunity, if they get re-infected, they can fight the virus off without any problem and also increase their immunity.

All this is very interesting, especially as we are still learning about this novel disease. Perhaps, people like me would not need the vaccine, after all what’s the point in getting vaccinated if you already have the antibodies?


Coronavirus Immunity
My Third Coronavirus Antibody Test





Unfortunately, there isn’t much that I can report. Sadly, antibody testing in the UK is not widespread. It seems that the government and the NHS are not interested in natural coronavirus immunity. Vaccines, despite the fact that they are totally ineffective, are pushed relentlessly.

You can get a free antibody test on NHS only if you take part in a study. But not everyone is accepted for those schemes. Otherwise, antibody testing is available at private laboratories, for an eye watering cost of £ 120, for exactly the same tests that I had in Belgrade that was around £ 16. I would have to be insane to pay that sort of money for the antibody test here in the UK.

So, more than a year after my last test in Belgrade, I don’t know whether or not I still have coronavirus antibodies and whether or not my coronavirus immunity is still there. Although, I think that I am OK. It’s been exactly 2 years since I fell ill back in March 2020. Since then, I’ve been perfectly healthy. Furthermore, I’ve been in contact with many people that had corona and nothing happened. I remain healthy.

It’s also important to add that I regularly take flush niacin and that I have also introduced some other key supplements in my daily routine. But more about that in my next post.



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