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I spent the last two weeks of August in Italy. I went to Riccione, a town on the Adriatic coast, in the Italian region Emilia-Romagna. It was in February 2002 that I went there for the first time and, since then, I visited Riccione 32 times (I know this because I keep records of my travels starting with the year 2000).

Additionally, I was there for two months in July and August 2012 and went to the beach every single day. An Italian friend of mine, who lives in London, is from there. I always stay with him, in his house. I like Riccione and each and every time I enjoy myself and wish to go back soon.


Viale Principe di Piemonte Riccione
Viale Principe di Piemonte





Riccione is a small town, with the population of around 35000 people. However, together with Rimini, it is the most well-known tourist destination in Italy. As a matter of fact, you can’t find a single Italian that doesn’t know about it, although it’s not that famous outside of Italy. It is the top tourist destination in the northern part of Italy. It’s geared towards mass tourism but on the upmarket side, especially in comparison with other nearby resorts.

The tourism in Riccione started to develop in the 19th century, after construction of the railway between Bologna and Ancona. At that time, rich people from Bologna started to build villas and luxury houses that still adorn its elegant streets. It is popular with younger Italians and, in the summer months of July and August, it is invaded by younger generations seeking sun and fun. Apart from numerous restaurants and bars along the main streets and the seafront, it is a home to legendary nightclubs, as famous as clubs in Ibiza.

From early June to the end of August, it is transformed into a bustling resort town, full of life and excitement. It’s wonderful to be there and spend days on beautiful sandy beaches of the Adriatic Sea and to mix with crowds in the night. In the summer, everything is open until midnight.





I am very familiar with Riccione, as I’ve been there so many times. However, each and every time when I go back, there is something new to discover, a new restaurant or a new bar. But, when I go there I don’t stay only in the town. The surrounding area is also very beautiful. Plus, there are many smaller very beautiful towns and villages in the vicinity, where you can go to exquisite restaurants that primarily cater for the Italian people. They usually propose excellent food, at reasonable prices. Despite the fact that it is the top tourist destination, Riccione is not overpriced. Perhaps, there are several bars in the main street where prices are higher, but nothing outrageous.

The town can be divided in 3 areas, together they form this very interesting and exciting place:

* Riccione Paese (Riccione Village)

* Viale Ceccarini and Viale Dante

* The Port, the Seafront and the Beach





This is an older part of the town, slightly detached from the main touristic hot spots. This means that even during the most visited summer months, it maintains tranquillity. This is where the local people go about their daily lives.


Riccione Paese Italy
Riccione Paese


The focal point of Riccione Paese is its main street, Corso Fratelli Cervi. This is where you can find excellent bakeries and other shops that sell delicious products. There are also supermarkets and banks and numerous bars where you can stop for coffee or cappuccino or where you can eat fresh croissants usually served in different varieties.


Corso Fratelli Cervi Riccione
Riccione Paese – Corso Fratelli Cervi


Chiesa Vecchia San Martino (The Old San Martino Church) is a small church that serves the local parish.


Chiesa Vecchia San Martino Riccione
Riccione Paese – Chiesa Vecchia San Martino


What’s very interesting is that houses along the main street are private residences and that creates a magical atmosphere. I am pretty sure that everyone knows everyone else in the village, a small touch that is so important in life, but usually completely lost in bigger cities.


Corso Fratelli Cervi Riccione
Riccione Paese – Corso Fratelli Cervi


In fact, whatever you need to do, you can do it in Riccione Paese and you don’t need to venture any further.


Corso Fratelli Cervi Riccione
Riccione Paese – Corso Fratelli Cervi


Every Friday is the market day and the whole area is transformed, with numerous vendors selling clothes, shoes and other trinkets, fruit and vegetable, meat and other typical Italian meat products, cheese, etc.


Market Riccione
Riccione Paese – Market Day





The famous Viale Ceccarini is the main street in Riccione. It is divided in two parts. A part that is open for traffic runs from the hospital to the railway station. The pedestrian part runs from the station to Piazzale Roma and the sea. The pedestrian part of this street is the most famous focal point of the town.


Hospital Riccione
Riccione Hospital


The upper part of Viale Ceccarini is very beautiful, with numerous shops, bars and restaurants.


Viale Ceccarini Riccione
Viale Ceccarini


There are also many elegant villas that make this section of the street very charming.


Viale Ceccarini Riccione
Viale Ceccarini


An underpass takes you to the pedestrian part of Viale Ceccarini and that’s the most beautiful part of Riccione.


Viale Ceccarini Riccione
Viale Ceccarini


Viale Ceccarini is famous for a reason and you will immediately notice it when you arrive to that area. There are numerous trendy bars and chic shops, some of them by the biggest Italian designers.


Viale Ceccarini Riccione
Viale Ceccarini


It’s there where you go for an evening walk. Everything stays open until midnight. During the warm summer nights, the atmosphere is magical.


Viale Ceccarini Riccione
Viale Ceccarini


The street ends in Piazzale Roma and the beach is immediately beyond the square.


Piazzale Roma Riccione
Piazzale Roma


Viale Dante is a long street that runs from Vale Ceccarini to Viale Giuseppe Verdi. It is equally beautiful, although not as grandiose as Viale Ceccarini.


Viale Dante Riccione
Viale Dante


Viale Dante also has many shops, restaurants and bars. It takes approximately half an hour to walk from one end of this street to another. The adjacent area is where the hotels are and it’s all five minutes walk from the beach.


Viale Dante Riccione
Viale Dante





The port is a very small, perfectly suited for this small town.


Port in Riccione
Riccione Port


The seafront or lungomare runs along the beach. It covers the length of the whole town. In fact, you can walk along the seafront from Riccione all the way to Rimini, away from the traffic. The seafront has been recently restored and it is very pretty now. There is also a cycling lane, plus numerous bars and places where you can sit and relax.


Lungomare Riccione


The beach is a sandy beach, covered in golden sand. However, being Italy and especially in an area with the highly developed tourism, a very large part of the beach is designated to hotels, for their guests only. These sections are numbered and well organised, with sun loungers and beach umbrellas. Some sections are open to everyone, but you have to pay to use them. There are also free beaches where you can go without paying.

The best and the most beautiful free beach, where I always go, is at the point where Riccione officially finishes and where the Rimini’s neighbourhood Rivazzurra starts. The beach is in front of the abandoned Colonia Santo Volto. It is 300m long and 150m wide. Perhaps, because of its location, usually it is not very busy. There are always more people at weekends but, even then, the beach is relatively quiet and very enjoyable.


Free Beach Riccione
Spiaggia Libera (Free Beach)





One more street that I want to mention is Viale S. Martino. It’s a smaller version of Viale Ceccarini, also very beautiful and full of restaurants, bars and shops. If you are in Viale Ceccarini, facing the sea, Viale Dante is to your left and Viale S. Martino to the right. But, Viale S. Martino is a bit further away. You can walk along equally splendid Viale Gramsci and you will arrive to Viale S. Martino in 10 minutes.


Viale S. Martino Riccione
Viale S. Martino


Italy is a magical country, rich in history and it has many wonderful places. We can argue that Riccione is not as beautiful as other Italian towns and cities. Perhaps, but Riccione does not need to be another Firenze or Venezia. It is very charming the way it is. It’s small and easily managed, with superb infrastructure. Due to its popularity, it provides everything.

The best of all is that it is by the sea and it offers you an opportunity to spend some wonderful days on a beautiful beach.



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