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Humble Administrator’s Garden

2018 – A Year in Review
Sane Mind

2018 – A Year in Review

The new year has just started! 2018 -  A Year in Review is a post in which I am going to have a look at the exciting experience of having my own web site and recapitulate this rather ambitions and at the same time very fulfilling project. I officially launched MyForeverTravel on the 6th April 2018. That was when I moved from Belgrade to London, back in 1990. I published 26 posts last year, but 10 of them ...
Humble Administrator’s Garden – Suzhou
ChinaSane Mind

Humble Administrator’s Garden – Suzhou

The Humble Administrator's Garden is the largest garden in Suzhou. It's also one the finest gardens in southern China. It contains almost all features of classical Suzhou gardens and it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

People celebrate this garden for its exquisite layout of pools, rockeries, islets, bamboo groves, pavilions and corridors and they also ...
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