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My name is Vito.

I am Serbian, originally from Belgrade. In 1990, right after I had graduated in economics, I came to England to improve my English and to have fun before settling back into a regular life. But in 1991, my country – Yugoslavia – disappeared in a brutal and pointless civil war. I was thrown into turmoil that dramatically changed my life. So, I stayed in the UK and I am now British. I have been living in London for the past 29 years.

I have decided to write a blog. There are so many blogs already on the internet so some people may ask why another one?


Everything has already been written about everything. But, my blog will be about my experiences and in that respect, it will be unique.

I will write about my travels, but also about good food and healthy nutrition, about things that I consider important for the balanced, healthy life and sane mind.

I am old enough and I also believe with enough experience and wisdom to be able to – perhaps – offer interesting information and inspiration.

My life is a continuous journey, with good and bad that comes along the way … it really is My Forever Travel!


My Forever Travel
My Forever Travel

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