Best Personal Travel Blog 2020 – UK
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Best Personal Travel Blog 2020 – UK

LUX Life Magazine has just announced the Winners of the 2020 LUX Travel & Tourism Awards.  My Forever Travel won the award as the Best Personal Travel Blog 2020 – UK.


Best Personal Travel Blog
Best Personal Travel Blog UK 2020


LUX Life Magazine has also published a supplement with Winners in different categories. One page is dedicated to My Forever Travel. 

I also present the same article in this post:


They say that travel broadens the mind. Few can understand this better than Vitko Ignjatovic of My Forever Travel. Not content to write about his experiences for himself, he has built a brand on sharing his journeys with others. With his inspiring blog achieving such incredible success, we take a closer look at Vitko and his travels to find out more.

Coming from Belgrade in what used to be Yugoslavia, Vitko is no stranger to exploring new surroundings in challenging circumstances. Journeying to England after graduating to improve his English, he saw his country disappear in a brutal civil war and ended up settling here. A lust for learning and travel didn’t leave him, however, and frequent forays to foreign climes became the norm.


Best Personal Travel Blog - UK
LUX Travel and Tourism Awards 2020


As a keen and seasoned traveller, it was Vitko’s desire to share his journeys with others, allowing them to benefit from his knowledge and experiences, that encouraged the creation of a website. From the ashes of a country absorbed by violence came a new beginning that perfectly reflects Vitko’s ideals – a diary without borders, accessible to all.

The approach that Vitko takes with My Forever Travel is to write pieces that are, above all, personal. While always aiming to be informative and educational, it is the personal touch that makes Vitko’s posts timeless and sets him apart in a competitive market. Since beginning to write about his experiences, Vitko has grown as a writer and traveller. In order to share the most interesting aspects of a place with people, he makes a special effort to pay attention to the things that might be of interest to an audience. Putting his own slant on history means that even well-trodden subjects can gain new life and insights through Vitko’s idiosyncratic perspective.


Best Personal Travel Blog 2020 - UK
Machu Picchu


The growth of a blog like this is incredibly timely, as travelling becomes relatively easy and affordable. As part of the reason for Vitko’s blog was to share different cultures and ways of life, this opportunity being available to all is great. What it does do is reduce the need for travel blogging as people can simply have their own experiences. Of course, in a big world, it’s impossible to see everything and Vitko’s blog does not serve as an authoritative guide, rather a individual’s journey. He has found a true niche that is effortlessly accessible and friendly to most users, making sure to post in clear language that can be easily understood.

While travel naturally plays a major part in My Forever Travel, it is in fact just one of three aspects of the site. Healthy Life is about whether it is possible to eat healthily while travelling and is an area which Vitko intends to expand upon in the future. Sane Mind is about anything that makes us feel better. These are generally cultural experiences like museums, but also those rare moments and places that remind us of our place in the universe such as beautiful places or historical sites.


Best Personal Travel Blog 2020 - UK


The future looks bright for My Forever Travel, with Vitko’s journeys only just beginning. While the overall project is to travel as much as possible, to as many new places and destinations as possible, Vitko intends to do so in a way that is wholly his. Given his background, there is no clearly sign of this than his plan to travel across all ex-Yugoslavian capital cities and write a review of life almost thirty years after the disintegration of the country.

What sets My Forever Travel apart from the rest of the heard is Vitko Ignjatovic. It’s a place that is exclusively his and is all the better for it. With so many voices vying for attention, so many perspectives with hidden agendas, it’s a joy to find somewhere that offers something truly personal. Opening the world to all, we’re delighted to be able to share the journey with Vitko.


Best Personal Travel Blog 2020 - UK
Arvi Park – Medellin


I am humbled and delighted with this award. Being recognised as the Best Personal Travel Blog in the UK is undoubtedly a very big achievement. But now, I continue the exciting and rewarding journey of travel blogging. It’s not a difficult task as it means that I will travel a lot and also visit many new wonderful places.

And I will write about them too.



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