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Enjoying Madrid
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Enjoying Madrid

Over many years in which I've been going to Madrid, I've done a lot of sight-seeing tours of the city and have also tried many different restaurants, bars and coffee shops. Enjoying Madrid is easy. In terms of entertainment, the city offers a lot and you can never get bored there. I like discovering new places, but I also like going to places that I know from my previous visits. Familiar places provide a ...


I was in Madrid in the second week of October 2018. My first visit to Madrid was in February 2000. This latest visit was my 12th time there. I usually stay for one week, however in July 2010 I stayed in Madrid for 3 days before I went to Ibiza. In November 2012, I stayed for only one day, before flying to Bogota. I'm very familiar with the city and I love it. It's one of my most favourite European cities ...
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