For my Sane Mind
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For my Sane Mind

It has been over a year since I originally thought of starting my website. I was very reluctant at first. I am well aware that it is a very ambitious, demanding and comprehensive task. The main issue is whether I am capable of formulating and presenting my ideas in a way that other people will find interesting. Writing about relevant topics that are, at the same time, useful and entertaining requires careful thinking and dedication. But a lot is possible if I do it for my sane mind.

Before that, I need to define what this blog means to me. My life is more or less pretty regular and at the same time interspersed with continuous distractions. But my continuous aim is to make it meaningful, more colourful and interesting. In other words, there are things that I do that are a constant in my life, my work for example, but that’s not enough.

Every so often, I feel the urge to do something else in order to better myself, something that excites me and occupies my mind. This happens in cycles and, as time passes by, things that in certain periods brought much needed novelty, are now an integral part of everything I do. But then, I search for new excitements and new ways for my personal development.

Let me give you some concrete examples. I have been regularly going to the gym for over 25 years now and that is part of my lifestyle. I have studied foreign languages, different ones at different times. Consequently, I can now read foreign newspapers and watch films and programmes in French, Italian and Spanish, without any problem. Approximately 5 years ago I started collecting vinyl records, at the time when the record mania was still in its nascent stages. I remember finding excellent deals in London second-hand and charity shops. And thus, every so often there would be something new and stimulating.

This blog is the latest and the most comprehensive project that I have ever undertaken. Unlike everything else that I did in the past, this should be long term and not only for me. My website will be in the public domain, which means everyone will be able to read it and I hope that it will be useful, entertaining and inspirational. Equally, I am open to whatever constructive criticism my website receives.

I am planning to launch the site on the 6th April, to mark my 28th anniversary in the UK. I arrived to England on the 6th April 1990 – an eternity ago.

My Forever Travel will be my small legacy, something that I want to leave behind, a record of my life. At present – it may give the meaning to all this that I do every day – something for my sane mind.


My Sane Mind
For My Sane Mind



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