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Work in Progress

I am in Belgrade at the moment. In my previous post, I wrote about my travel plans and I mentioned that I was going to spend two weeks in the Serbian capital. I’ve already written about Belgrade and I’ve also mentioned that I would only write about many changes that are currently happening there. The city authorities have undertaken an immense task to restore and improve the city, especially after many decades of complete neglect. Right now, Belgrade is work in progress.

For someone like me, who comes from that city, it’s very refreshing to see all these positive changes. The city has a tremendous potential, but that potential needs to be properly presented. Improvements in the city’s infrastructure and the way it looks will certainly benefit its residents and visitors.

Interestingly, there is a lot of opposition to these works. The argument is that Serbia is a poor country and that the money should be invested to improve the state of hospitals and general medical care. Perhaps, this is indeed a valid argument. But an opposing argument can be made that a more attractive and interesting city would attract more tourists, which would generate more income, on a regular basis. That income could be used to address other numerous problems, such as public transport, education, medical care and hospitals… In my opinion, the point is to ensure a regular source of income. That can be tourism, much more than it is at the moment.

Anyway, time will tell. I can only say that I’ve seen many foreign tourists in the past several days. It’s very good for the city’s economy and for many small business all over the city.





In my original post about Belgrade, I mentioned the renovation of the city’s main Republic Square. I was in Belgrade exactly 6 months ago. At that time, the works had only just started. So, I went to see what they’ve done since then. The progress is clearly visible.


Republic Square Belgrade - Work in Progress
Republic Square – May 2019


A part of the square near the National Theatre and National Museum seems to be nearly completed. But, the opposite part of the square is still a very big construction site. It will take more work and time to complete everything.

In any case, the square already looks much better than before. I look forward to seeing it once everything has been completed.


National Theatre Belgrade - Work in Progress
National Theatre





Not far from there, there is another square, within the pedestrian zone of Belgrade. This particular area was totally neglected for many decades, to the point that you would not even notice it when you pass by. But this is changing now. The building below was covered in scaffolding 6 months ago. It’s beautiful now and it stands at the edge of the square.


Work in Progress
Institute of Criminology and Sociological Research


This whole area is becoming a pedestrian zone, which is really what it has to be, considering that it’s the oldest and most central part of the city. There are also more bars, restaurants and coffee shops than ever before. It’s really becoming a stunning part of the city.


Vojvoda Vuk Park Belgrade - Work in Progress
Vojvoda Vuk Park


Once the works have been done and all buildings restored, it will be another focal point in that whole area.


Vojvoda Vuk Park Belgrade - Work in Progress
Vojvoda Vuk Park


They are simultaneously enlarging the pedestrian area.


Topličin Venac Street Belgrade - Work in Progress
Topličin Venac Street


Also, it is refreshing to see many restored buildings, with beautiful facades. For example, I have only ever known a building in the photo below as a horrible black, crumbling construction.


Pop Lukina Street Belgrade - Work in Progress
Newly Restored Facade in Pop Lukina Street





The same goes for many building in Karadjordjeva Street. Potentially, that’s the most beautiful part of the city. But it was also totally neglected for many decades.


Work in Progress
Karadjordjeva Street


I have also ever known buildings in this street as grey or black. It’s actually quite amazing to see, for the first time in my life, how beautiful they are.


Karadjordjeva Street Belgrade - Work in Progress
Karadjordjeva Street


Another part of this street, close to the right bank of the Sava river is also under complete restoration. It will become a big promenade and Belgrade will finally get a proper access to the river.


Karadjordjeva Street Belgrade - Work in Progress
Karadjordjeva Street





All this is done as part of currently the biggest construction project in Belgrade – the Belgrade Waterfront.


Belgrade Waterfront - Work in Progress
Belgrade Waterfront


I’ve mentioned this project in my original article on Belgrade. The works are ongoing and, compared with the last time when I was in Belgrade, two more buildings have been nearly completed.


Belgrade Waterfront - Work in Progress
Belgrade Waterfront


Parts of the area already have an attractive shape.


Belgrade Waterfront - Work in Progress
Belgrade Waterfront


But the whole project is huge and it will take several more years for everything to be done. This was a totally derelict part of the city, with absolutely nothing. It’s now becoming its most attractive area, right by the river.


Belgrade Waterfront - Work in Progress
Belgrade Waterfront





There is more work in progress in other parts of the city. The 1928 big marble staircase in Belgrade Fortress is also under complete restoration.

The staircase was designed in the Romanticist style, incorporating elements of the Serbo-Byzantine revival. It was damaged in the Second World War.

It was only partially repaired after the war and neglected until 1989, when the full reconstruction of the staircase was completed. But the material used, the limestone from an island of Brač, was not good. Because of its bad frost resilience, the steps started to crack. Further restoration in 2006 was bad again. The cracks were filled with cement and artificial stone, which accelerated the cracking.


Big Staricase in Kalemegdan Belgrade - Work in Progress
Big Staircase in Kelemegdan


The restoration finally started in March 2019. It will last until July 2019, as it’s written (in Serbian) in the work details below. However, when the work started in March 2019, instead of restoring and repairing it, they smashed the staircase completely. Architects and art historians protested, but the city administration said: “This is the best way”.


Big Staircase in Kalemegdan Belgrade - Work in Progress
Work Details on Big Staircase in Kalemegdan


Perhaps sometimes the damage is beyond repair and the stairs need to be replaced with completely new marble. As a matter of fact, I passed there 6 months ago, it was dangerous to walk on those stairs.


Belgrade Fortress - Work in Progress
Belgrade Fortress


I don’t know how long it will be before I return to Belgrade after this visit. But, considering all these and future scheduled works, it will certainly be very interesting to come back. In a way, it will be almost like coming back to a different city. I look forward to that.

But, in the meantime I am enjoying my current stay.



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