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The main reason for my travel to Turkey in summer 2019 was to spend several weeks on the beach. But, that wasn't the only reason. I also wanted to explore Ottoman heritage. I've really only been to Istanbul in the past and, with my Italian friends, I also went to Bodrum and Fethiye, in June 2007. However, that was a short trip with an accent on being by the sea, as it was in the summer. So, after Istanbul, ...
Step Back in Time
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Step Back in Time

In my previous article  - Back in Riccione - I mentioned that the main reason for my recent travel to Italy was to attend my friend's 50th birthday party. A month before that, my friend's brother asked me to send him some photos of places that my friend and I visited together. He wanted to make a photo album, a retrospective of my friend's life. It was a wonderful idea, to step back in time and to revisit ...
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