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Ottoman Fountains – Istanbul
Sane MindTurkey

Ottoman Fountains – Istanbul

Ottoman fountains are a prominent feature of the Ottoman heritage in Istanbul. Monumental imperial mosques, historically and architecturally significant, dominate areas in which they were constructed. But, the fountains are equally historically and artistically important. In Islam, water is the origin of life, created by God. It purifies the human being, both on the outside and spiritually on the ...
Why do I Like Istanbul?
Healthy LifeTurkey

Why do I Like Istanbul?

Why do I like Istanbul? I've been thinking about the answer to this question over the past several weeks. I was in Istanbul for a week, three weeks ago. I was in Istanbul six times before. The first time, it was in December 2002 and the last visit, before the current one, was in June 2015. My memories from the initial visit are very vague. But, I remember that I was fascinated and that I wanted to go ...
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