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Narodni Muzej Zrenjanin

Serbian Painting in National Museum Zrenjanin
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Serbian Painting in National Museum Zrenjanin

In addition to visiting a place that I've never seen before, the National Museum Zrenjanin was one more reason why I went there. I read that there was a big and important museum in the city and I wanted to see it. And I can tell you, considering that Zrenjanin is only a small city, it has an absolutely magnificent museum. It's in a spectacular building, with a rich permanent collection. From what I've seen ...


After Novi Sad and Sremski Karlovci, I went to Zrenjanin. I could've easily done these three places at the same time. They are all in Vojvodina, close to each other and also close to Belgrade. Zrenjanin is approximately 55km from Novi Sad. But, as I'm in Serbia for a longer period of time, I decided to take it easy and to do one excursion per week. Travelling in Serbia is cheap. There are regular ...
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