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Is Turkish Food Healthy?
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Is Turkish Food Healthy?

Is Turkish food healthy? Perhaps, the right question to ask and answer in this post should be whether the food that I had in Turkey was healthy and whether I made healthy choices. Truthfully, the same as everywhere else, it's not really the food in a particular country that's good or bad. It's what we choose to eat that's either good for us or not. But first, let's once again have a look at my ...
Is healthy nutrition possible when we travel?
Healthy Life

Is healthy nutrition possible when we travel?

In my recent post - Eating for Healthy Life - I wrote about my dietary habits: what I eat and what I don't eat, in order to keep in good health. I easily adhere to my diet when I am at home and in control of food that I buy, prepare and cook. But, is healthy nutrition possible when we travel? I am not going to answer this question now. Rather, I am going to look at what I did during my past travels. Back ...
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