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Church of Saint Sava

Crypt of Saint Sava Church – Belgrade
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Crypt of Saint Sava Church – Belgrade

It's my second week in Belgrade. In my previous post, I wrote about many restoration projects that the city authorities are currently doing in order to improve the way the city looks. But, I didn't mention one of the biggest and the most ambitious building projects - the Saint Sava Church. I wrote about this church in my article about Belgrade, so I am not going to repeat any of that now. The church is ...


I was in Belgrade for two weeks, back in November 2018. That was my 23rd visit since the year 2000, when I started to keep records of my travels. I am very glad those records, otherwise it would be impossible for me to remember where and when exactly I went in the past 20 years.


But first things first! I am ...
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