Who Would’ve Thought That Brexit Really Means Brexit?
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Who Would’ve Thought That Brexit Really Means Brexit?

So, who would’ve thought that Brexit really means Brexit? It looks like that the current Tory regime and the British population didn’t understand what it means to be a third country. A lot of things that I mentioned in my posts “Brexit Insanity” and “Brexit Tragedy and Freedom of Movement” came to be true.

Although, I am convinced that the Tories knew exactly what they were doing. But, through lies and machinations, they manipulated a vast number of people to vote Leave in that unfortunate referendum in June 2016.

In relation to the EU, the UK is now a third country. The transition period ended on the 31st December 2020 and on the 1st January 2021, a lot of people woke up to the harsh Brexit reality.

But first, let’s have a look at some of the lies spewed by the xenophobic Tories that orchestrated and presided over, what I think was, the most stupid act of self-destruction.





To best illustrate the lies by the Tory regime and its right-wing media, I took screenshots of some of the newspaper articles. When you look back at the events starting with the referendum, until the UK exit from the EU, you become horrified.

They lied about everything. Thus, you can see the power of the mass media and how they manipulated so many people to believe in those lies. It could also be that, after 47 years in the EU, people in the UK simply couldn’t foresee that their lives would change forever. However, I find it difficult to understand that, after so many years in the EU, someone could think that they would be better off out of the union.

For a country geographically located in Europe, it only makes sense to be in the EU, with all membership privileges. There is simply no better deal than the full EU membership.

Ten days before the referendum, Vote Leave promised a much better deal. Of course, it was a blatant lie. What the Tory regime signed with the EU at the last minute can hardly be called a deal. It’s so detrimental to the UK.


Brexit really means Brexit
We’d actually get a better deal – Vote Leave


This is what the lying UK Prime Minister wrote 3 days after the referendum. Of course, nothing he mentioned is true. But, that’s also because him and his Tory extremists decided to take the hardest possible position in relation to the EU.


Brexit really means Brexit
Liar, liar, pants on fire





The same as citizens of other third countries, the UK passport holders can now stay 90 days in the EU, in 180 days. After 90 days, they have to get out of the Schengen zone and can only return after three months. It means that no British citizen can live permanently in any EU country ever again.

Longer stay in the EU is possible, but you have to obtain a visa. The EU published a document, that you can see in the photo below, in December 2020. It clearly shows what changed for the UK citizens, compared with how it was when the UK was an EU country.


Brexit really means Brexti
Freedom of Movement changes


Of course, the ultra right-wing British press, that supported and campaigned for Brexit, would you believe that all the people of the UK ever wanted was their freedom.


Brexit really means Brexti
All we ever wanted was our freedom


Thus, the “freedom loving Brits” lost their Freedom of Movement. They are now the only Western European nation without the Freedom of Movement. You couldn’t make it up.

Here is what the Tories published when they abolished the Freedom of Movement. They did it to stop EU citizens coming to the UK. But, deviously, they didn’t inform the great British public that they had ended the Freedom of Movement for them too.


Brexit really means Brexit
We’re ending free movement





There have been many tragic stories of people finding out what it means to have the Freedom of Movement removed.

Industries, such as music and fashion, have been decimated. British musicians and models can no longer work in the EU, they now need work permits.

But the real tragedy will be on an individual level, when people fully comprehend that nothing is the same as before. Such as the story of British immigrants deported from Spain at the end of March 2021. These people lived in Spain but, for some reason, they never registered their residency there. Certainly, it wasn’t correct to live in Spain for 10 or 20 years and not to register but, while the UK was in the EU, it wasn’t really an issue. They all enjoyed the Freedom of Movement.

Not any more. As per the new rules, being unregistered, they had to leave Spain after the initial 90 days and can only come back after 90 days. Can you imagine to have all your life is in Spain, but you can no longer live there as before. I wonder if some of them voted for Brexit?

This happened only because the UK is no longer an EU member state. We never heard such stories in the past. Indeed, who would’ve thought that Brexit really means Brexit?


Brexit really means Brexit
British immigrants deported from Spain





The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has somewhat cushioned the full impact of Brexit. There hasn’t been any meaningful international travel for more than a year now. British passport holders have not yet had the full opportunity to experience the treatment usually reserved for citizens of third countries.

But, there is a plenty of time for that. Brexit has just started. The events leading towards the end of the transition period were as grotesque as everything else that the Tories did since the referendum in 2016.


Brexit really means Brexit
Britain to crawl across broken glass


The demented right-wing press even boasted that they would send the gun-boats to stop EU fishermen from accessing UK territorial waters. Were they planning to kill them?

The irony is that the UK fishing industry has now been nearly completely destroyed. It lost the access to its most important EU market. It’s no longer possible to catch and send fish to the EU like before. A lot of Customs forms and veterinary certificates need to be completed, the business is simply no longer viable. Some sectors of the UK fishing industry are also completely banned by the EU.


Brexit really means Brexit
We’ll send in gunboats





The Tory regime negotiated a catastrophic deal with the EU. They installed a hard border between Northern Ireland and Great Britain. In fact, if you want to be brutally honest, Northern Ireland is gone. It’s just a matter of time before they officially leave the UK and join the Irish Republic. Northern Ireland overwhelmingly voted to remain in the EU, but the Tory regime completely ignored them.

The Tories also ignored Scotland and that’s why Scotland is preparing for a new independence referendum. Personally, I think that Scotland should go and re-join the EU as soon as possible. The fate of the Scottish people can’t be dictated by the predominantly English parliament in Westminster, that’s simply no longer acceptable.


Brexit really means Brexit
We are ready for No Deal





Personally, the wheel of fortune has turned for me again. I’m back where I was 30 years ago, I’m no longer an EU-citizen. My dreams to retire in either Spain or Italy have disappeared. For the time being, I can only live either in Serbia or the UK.

When I think about it, Serbia seems a much better option. At least, Serbia may join the EU in the near future. They’ve been negotiating for a long time, but the issue is Kosovo. I don’t know if that’ll be ever resolved, unless Serbia recognises Kosovo as an independent state, which she will never do.

One more point, I still have to travel to the EU as a new non-EU citizen. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of treatment I’ll get. It was nice and easy with the UK passport over the past 30 years. But from now on, I’ll use my Serbian passport when I go to the EU, I believe that it’ll be safer.

The UK Border Force, instructed by the Home Office, has started to terrorise EU citizens when they arrive to the UK. There have been horrendous stories of people detained, imprisoned and deported just because the border clack had assumed that they were coming to the UK to live and work illegally. Undoubtedly, the UK passport holders will get the same treatment when they go the EU. It will be a nasty experience for many.


Brexit really means Brexit
EU citizens refused entry to the UK





One of the worst things that can happen in life is to have a certain privilege and, then, to lose it. Already, a lot of Brits are quickly learning that lesson the hard way.

The British public has been massively conned by the extremist Tory regime. Regretfully, when a set of people that currently governs the country is gone, it’ll be too late to cry over the spilled milk.

We’ll see what happens in the future and I will periodically write about my experiences.



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