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Is Healthy Nutrition Possible When We Travel?
Healthy Life

Is Healthy Nutrition Possible When We Travel?

In my post "Food for Healthy Life and Strong Immune System", I wrote about my dietary habits: what I eat and what I avoid, in order to keep in good health. I easily adhere to my diet when I'm at home and in control of food that I buy, prepare and cook. But, is healthy nutrition possible when we travel? Well, let's have a look at what I did during my past travels. Back then, I didn't really pay much ...
Is Turkish Food Healthy?
Healthy LifeTurkey

Is Turkish Food Healthy?

Is Turkish food healthy? Perhaps, the right question to ask and answer in this post should be whether the food that I had in Turkey was healthy and whether I made healthy choices. Truthfully, the same as everywhere else, it's not really the food in a particular country that's good or bad. It's what we choose to eat that's either good for us or not. But first, let's once again have a look at my ...
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