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Historic Churches in Novi Sad
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Historic Churches in Novi Sad

Even before I start writing this post about historic churches in Novi Sad, I feel that it will be incomplete. When we travel, it often happens that historical sites that we want to see are either under restoration or they are simply closed. We stay in a certain place for a limited period of time and it's precisely then when we can do the sightseeing. When we leave, we don't know if we'll go back to that ...
Novi Sad

Novi Sad

I've never been to Novi Sad. In fact, I've never really travelled across Serbia. When I lived in Belgrade, before I moved to the UK, I was a student. I was more interested in travelling abroad or spending summers on the coast. So, I've never really seen anything in Serbia. But, things change. Now that I've been in Belgrade for over two months I decided to, at least, see places close to Belgrade. There ...
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