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What is Happening in Belgrade?
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What is Happening in Belgrade?

I've been in Belgrade for just over two weeks now. This is the first time in 30 years that I'm staying here for a longer time. In the past, I would stay for a week or two, but never longer than that. I had a job to go back to and I had to shape my visits around my holidays. I love that I can spend more time here and that I can reconnect with the city. After all, I'm from Belgrade, it's my city, despite the ...


I was in Belgrade for two weeks back in November 2018. That was my 23rd visit since the year 2000, when I started to keep records of my travels. I am very glad to have them, otherwise it would be impossible for me to remember where and when exactly I went in the past 20 years.


But first things first! I am from ...
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