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Church of Holy Transfiguration

Serbian Orthodox Churches in Pančevo
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Serbian Orthodox Churches in Pančevo

I visited two Serbian Orthodox churches in Pancevo, although I believe that there some other ones too. These two churches are in the centre of the city and they are easy to visit. However, the main reason why I decided to dedicate a post to these two churches is because, in addition to being precious religious temples, they are also like museums. Namely, three of the most prominent Serbian 19th century ...


After Zrenjanin, I decided to go to Pancevo. In reality, it's really Pančevo, but there is no a letter č in English alphabet, so all English language websites refer to it as Pancevo. I'll do the same. In Serbian, the letter č is for the sound ch in English, as in chair. Every Serb will look at Pancevo and will read it correctly. So, this short explanation is for foreign readers, to know how to correctly ...
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