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Ottoman Konya
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Ottoman Konya

In my previous posts, I wrote about the Seljuk heritage in Konya and also about the fascinating Mevlana Museum. But, there is also Ottoman Konya to consider, in addition to history that existed there before it became an important Ottoman city. In fact, that was the only thing that I knew about Konya when I decided to go there during my travel across Turkey last year.



After a week in Antalya, it was time for me to move to Konya, the next destination during my travel across Turkey in July and August 2019. I was a bit sad to leave Antalya, because I enjoyed my time on the beach there. The inland places that I was going to visit during the next leg of my journey had neither a beach nor a swimming pool, where I could cool down during very hot summer days. But, that didn't ...
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