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I shouldn't really write a separate post about Zemun. That's because Zemun is a municipality of Belgrade. But, Zemun has been part of Belgrade for only 86 years. For many past centuries, it was a completely separate city. The main reason why I decided to write a separate post is because, when you go to Zemun, it feels like being in a completely different place. The last time I was there it was over 30 ...
Paja Jovanović Museum – Belgrade
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Paja Jovanović Museum – Belgrade

One more place in Belgrade that I've never visited in the past is Paja Jovanovic museum. I don't really know why I didn't go there before. Perhaps, it was a lack of interest. Or it could be that, when I lived there, I was too young to properly understand Serbian art. But even during my numerous previous visits to Belgrade, I continuously missed it. My first proper encounter with Paja Jovanovic was in the ...
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