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January 2019

Belgrade – what to do and how to enjoy?
Healthy LifeSerbia

Belgrade – what to do and how to enjoy?

For years, I've been saying to all my friends to go to Belgrade. Very few people that I know have been there. Although it's rapidly becoming popular, it is still not your typical destination. For example, flights from London to Belgrade are too expensive for anyone to consider going there for a weekend break. Many other European cities can be reached for a fraction of money required to travel to ...


I was in Belgrade for two weeks back in November 2018. That was my 23rd visit since the year 2000, when I started to keep records of my travels. I am very glad to have them, otherwise it would be impossible for me to remember where and when exactly I went in the past 20 years.


But first things first! I am from ...
2018 – A Year in Review
Sane Mind

2018 – A Year in Review

The new year has just started! 2018 -  A Year in Review is a post in which I am going to have a look at the exciting experience of having my own web site and recapitulate this rather ambitions and at the same time very fulfilling project. I officially launched MyForeverTravel on the 6th April 2018. That was when I moved from Belgrade to London, back in 1990. I published 26 posts last year, but 10 of them ...
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